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A Good Read: The Kate Shackleton Mysteries

April 23, 2020

There’s nothing like a good book to whisk you away from your worries and your cares, which is why I wanted to tell you all about the Kate Shackleton Mystery series by Frances Brody.

They have become my favourite form of escapism during this terrible time when fears over coronavirus are overwhelming. Why do I love these books?  There are lots of reasons. For a start, they are well written and researched and they are all set in various parts of Yorkshire.

They are also set in one of my favourite periods – the 1920s and the lead character, Kate Shackleton, is a fabulous female private detective. There are 11 books, all published by Piatkus and with gorgeous covers by illustrator Helen Chapman. 

The fictional Kate Shackleton lives in Leeds but, apart from Death of an Avid Reader, which is set in the city, each of the mysteries is in a different Yorkshire location. I’ve just finished a Snapshot of Murder, which is set in and around Haworth with generous mentions of the Bronte sisters.

A Death in the Dales is set in and around Langcliffe and Death at the Seaside in Whitby. Kate also finds herself in Yorkshire’s rhubarb triangle – I’m looking forward to that one.

I recommended these books to a friend and she is also addicted and is using them to get through lockdown.

The author, Frances Brody, has her own website, www.Frances-Brody.com, where she reveals how Kate Shackleton came to be.

She says: “It began with a picture in my head of a man trapped behind a high wall, unable to return home. Someone needed to discover who and where he was. Along came Kate, sleuth extraordinaire.”

Extraordinaire indeed and I’m very grateful to her. I’m just hoping that 11 books is enough to see me through this difficult time. I’ve already read four of them.

I’ve done it in no particular order but if you want to do them chronologically they are: Dying in the Wool; A Medal for Murder; Murder in the Afternoon; A Woman Unknown; Murder on a  Summer’s Day; Death of an Avid Reader; A Death in the Dales;  Death at the Seaside; Death in the Stars; A Snapshot of Murder; The Body on the Train. They are published by Piatkus.



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