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A gorgeous cottage in Middleham

June 7, 2015

If you’ve ever dreamed of moving to a little cottage in the country then you have probably viewed a few via Rightmove … all in the name of research, of course.

So you’ll know that tiny cottages can look dark and oppressive. That’s why this clever makeover caught my eye. It shows just what can be achieved with a small space.

Warwick Cottage Middleham (1)-1

The property, Warwick Cottage, is in Middleham, one of my favourite places in Yorkshire, and it’s available to let through Gorgeous Cottages. The kitchen, pictured above, is a great example of what you can do with limited square footage. Note that it has no wall cupboards. That’s because they can make a small space look crowded. Instead, the owner has used open shelves. The stable door gives the option of opening the top half, which is great for ventilation and natural light. The U-shaped run of units includes an extra-wide worktop that doubles as a breakfast bar – very clever indeed. I also like the use of colour, which adds interest and shows some thought.

Warwick Cottage Middleham (7)

The sitting room includes a dining area and a cosy wood burner plus a coffee table that offers extra storage thanks to its drawers. I suspect it could have started life as a dressing table or desk before having its legs chopped down. It’s something I’ve seen before and it works brilliantly – as long as you make sure the legs are all the same length.

Warwick Cottage Middleham (12)-1

I love this bedroom, which strikes just the right balance between rustic and romance. The beams have been painted off-white and I think that was a wise decision. Dark wood beams can look gloomy and domineering. The velvet throw adds texture and the long, narrow table adds character and is multi-functional. While a pale carpet would’ve worked equally well, the stripped boards are more practical in a holiday let.

Warwick Cottage Middleham (18)

The loft bedroom suite includes a bath in the bedroom – very fashionable, although not really my thing. In this case I can see why the owners chose to do it. Splitting the attic into two rooms would’ve destroyed the wow factor and obscured the old frame. By including a small partition you can, at least, use the loo with some degree of privacy.

Warwick Cottage Middleham (20)

Here’s the exterior of the cottage. Isn’t it pretty? It is now on my list of “places I’d like to stay” (hint to partner who may read this!) In case you don’t know much about Middleham. I have bloged about it before here.

If you have never visited the Gorgeous Cottages website. it’s well worth a browse if you like looking at lovely interiors. It’s based in Yorkshire and run by Christina Brion who vets all the properties so they fit the gorgeous bill.


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