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About Us

Welcome to Gorgeous Yorkshire, 
a special place for celebrating all that is bright and beautiful in Yorkshire and for sharing the treasures of our wonderful county.

As Yorkshire writers, we hope to bring you what we love – gorgeous places and products, dining and staycation experiences, walks and explorations, homes and interiors, fashion and style. We are passionate about design and everything made with thought, care, skill and love. Yorkshire and its people, its villages, towns and cities, its moors, dales and coast, are our inspiration.

We promise that we will share with you only the people, places and products that we love, admire or think worth writing about. Fortunately, Yorkshire is full-to-bursting with gorgeousness.

We hope you enjoy and use Gorgeous Yorkshire. If there is something you would like to share with us, please email us on gorgeousyorkshire@gmail.com.

Gorgeous Yorkshire wishes,

Sharon and Stephanie – the GY team