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All aboard the Whitby little yellow boat

August 31, 2018

The little yellow boats set off from Whitby Quayside.

Sometimes, often perhaps, the best experiences in life are the surprises, those unexpected journeys you find yourself embarked upon with little preparation, planning or anticipation.
And so it was with the most gorgeous journey I experienced during our beautiful long summer – on a little yellow boat taking an evening tour from Whitby to Sandsend.
The boats are run by Whitby Coastal Cruises and set off from the quayside daily. I’m not sure what the season is, and it does all depend on the weather, but I was reminded of my summer trip when I saw, somewhere or other, that they also run whale watching trips – and these are actually due to start tomorrow (September 1).

Whitby from the sea, looking gorgeous in the evening sunshine.

The boat is the Summer Queen, which has a covered upper deck, downstairs inside saloon, outside decks front and back and large viewing windows and hot drinks on sale on longer trips only, and toilets.
Summer Queen, says Whitby Coastal Cruises, is used for longer wildlife, Staithes, Sunset, Twilight trips and cruises. Their other boat, Esk Belle III, is used for 20 minute trips out into the bay and evening river cruises.

A random picture of a seagull, just because.

The cruise to Sandsend that we took earlier this summer was wonderful and a bargain – it’s around £3 a person for a 25 minute cruise and slightly more for long. Ours last lasted about an hour, as I recall. There’s commentary about points of interest, and seeing Whitby and the coast from the sea puts their beauty in perspective, so you truly understand what a treasure this part of Yorkshire is.
Seems so long ago now. But we will be back, hopefully for some whale-watching. Although this time, I think I’ll have to wrap up.

Here’s the website: http://www.whitbycoastalcruises.co.uk/# and the Facebook, which should have details of sailings and events, is @WhitbyCoastalCruises2016

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