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Allotment therapy by Folded Forest

September 3, 2020 | 1 Comment

Sometimes a picture just grabs you and sums up the zeitgeist. This one by Yorkshire-based design duo Folded Forest does just that.

The Allotment by Folded Forest

It shows an allotment, which are in great demand right now because they offer a great escape from reality and troubled times and are very good for your health.  Not only can you grow your own fruit and veg. and keep chickens on these council-owned plots of land, you can exercise muscles you never knew you had by digging, hoeing, hand-weeding and planting.

There is good evidence of the healing powers of an allotment for both mind and body and one of the best places to find this is on Yorkshire-based Polly Baldwin’s website www.jollyallotment.co.uk. It tells the story of how an allotment changed her life and it also comes with plenty of tips for growing and eating to maximise gut health.

The limited edition print by Folded Forest, aka Ruth Viqueira and Sarah Peel, was inspired by Ruth’s dad’s allotment and all the he grows there. It is a hand-pulled, two colour screen print made from original paper-cut designs and costs £50.

Folded Forest tea towel, £12.

Folded Forest take inspiration from the natural world and also put their prints onto cards and homeware, including tea towels, storage bags and ceramics. www.foldedforest.co.uk

One thought on “Allotment therapy by Folded Forest

  1. Meike

    I love that picture – what a great gift it would make for my Dad, who had to give up his allotment earlier this year because of his poor health, and none of us “children” can take over as we work full time and it is too far away to put in a quick hour or two after work.
    Must go and check out the Folded Forest website.


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