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Anna Tosney puts the art into Skipton

April 7, 2016


Anna Tosney is one of my favourite printmakers. I love her pared-down style and the way she manages to capture so much of her subjects with minimum embellishment. Many of her pictures are set in the Yorkshire Dales, where she grew up, and they showcase her ability to quietly observe and recreate expressions, gait and mood. Her aim is to distil the essence of a subject into a bold, simple form that still retains the atmosphere.

I especially love her depiction of dry stone wallers hard at work and I adore the way she captures sheep looking like the gorgeous, gormless, grass-munching machines they are. The good news for me and her growing number of fans is that Anna now has her own studio in Skipton and is opening it for a couple of days a week as a little gallery. She also plans to run printmaking classes from the premises.

The studio/gallery is above Thomas the Bakers on the corner of High Street/Otley Street and she is having a launch event on April 15 from 5pm to 8pm. Anyone interested in her work is welcome to go along, otherwise the gallery will be open Thursdays and Fridays 10am-4pm or by appointment.

The part-time retailing means Anna has time to work and research. “When I’m not in the studio, I can often be found stalking farmers and admiring sheep and cattle. I like going to Skipton auction mart and agricultural shows and I go walking a lot,” she says.


“I love to watch the sheep, farmers, birds and dry stone wallers in their natural environment, so I spend many hours out in the countryside. There is something special about the local landscape and weather, which plays a great role in my work.”

*The Anna Tosney Studio/Gallery is at Central Chambers, Otley Street/ High Street, Skipton, BD23 1DZ. For details on Anna’s work visit  https://annatosney.wordpress.com/


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