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Bee part of healing for Manchester bomb survivors

June 6, 2017

Feeling wretched and helpless after hearing about the Manchester bombing prompted Hebden Bridge gallery owner Alison Bartram to come up with a wonderful way of helping survivors of the atrocity.

She asked artist Pippa Dyrlaga if she would make a paper-cut of a worker bee, a proud symbol of Manchester’s industrial past.  The answer was a resounding “yes” and Alison is now selling raffle tickets for £5 to win the original work of art, framed free of charge by Abacus Framing. Screenprints of the work are also on sale for £20 at Heart Gallery. All proceeds are going to Child Action North West.

Alison says: “We chose to help this charity after hearing that their counsellors had been overwhelmed by requests to help children and teenagers affected by the Manchester arena bombing. They want to set up terrorist trauma counselling and with our help all those affected by this tragedy will receive counselling to try and avoid long-term impact on their lives,” says Alison, who was on holiday abroad when she heard about the explosion.

“I read about the taxi drivers ferrying stranded people home, the hotels and locals offering hot meals and warm beds, Sikh temples opening their doors to offer food and shelter to those stranded, our wonderful NHS and emergency services and the long queues to donate blood. It showed us how a strong community comes together to help.

“This reminded me of how I felt with all the offers of help at Heart Gallery after Hebden Bridge was flooded on Boxing Day 2015, and how everyone gave me the strength to get through and stitch the gallery back together again.

“Watching everything from afar made me want to do something to help but I didn’t know what that could be. Then it came to me. The worker bee proudly symbolises Manchester’s past but also depicts a positive, unifying and brilliantly Mancunian response to the events of May 22. So,  I messaged Pippa, who works part-time at Heart Gallery when she is not busy with her own creative business https://www. pippadyrlaga.com/ . I knew she would be able to create a papercut piece of a worker bee that we could sell to raise funds. It was done the very same day.”

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