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Breakfast at Two Sisters in Skipton

March 1, 2018 | 2 Comments

Hunting for breakfast early one Sunday morning brought us to Two Sisters in Skipton. It describes itself as a bar and kitchen and sits on Mill Bridge. If you turn the corner at the top of the high street and look ahead, there it is. It appears promising and doesn’t disappoint.

It’s an independent business owned – surprise, surprise – by two sisters and has a lovely, relaxed atmosphere. It’s also dog and walker friendly so soggy doggies and muddy bots are no problem. The decor is stylish and quirky with lots of vintage finds and the service is super-friendly.

We opted for a fried breakfast and I’m pleased to report that there’s a vegetarian version. The verdict was unanimous – the food was excellent. The only niggle was the metal dish it was served in because we are fully paid up members of the “proper plate” brigade.

I enjoyed Two Sisters so much I’m planning to go back in the evening when the bar is in full swing with craft beers, batch gins and great wine. Cheers!



2 thoughts on “Breakfast at Two Sisters in Skipton

  1. Meike

    This looks like my kind of place! As I’ll be spending my annual Yorkshire holiday with my sister, we simply HAVE to go there, don’t we 🙂


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