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Handmade lighting forged in Yorkshire

August 18, 2017 No comments

Writing about designer makers and artists is a small part of my day job but it’s the most uplifting. It’s also shown me that Yorkshire is a hotbed of creativity, originality and skill.  My latest find is Nigel Tyas Ironwork. Nigel began his training at the age of 16 as an apprentice blacksmith with the[Read More]

Destination Redbrick Mill – always a bright idea

August 10, 2017 1 Comment

When in need of design inspiration – especially of the glamorous kind – I hop in the car and head across to deepest West Yorkshire, and Redbrick Mill in Batley. Heals is the big attraction, especially its lighting, which is innovative and fairly priced, but I pretty much love everything about Heals, and indeed everything[Read More]

Anthropologie Leeds and what I bought within

July 28, 2017 No comments

  I went shopping – again – after work yesterday to my current favourite retail destination, Victoria Gate in Leeds. Opened in October last year, Victoria Gate is the most beautiful place and Yorkshire is very lucky to have it. If you haven’t been yet, it’s so worth making the effort because it’s heavenly, and[Read More]

Lily’s Lighting Collection – such a bright idea

June 16, 2017 No comments

On a recent trip to Barnsley, I came across Lily’s Lighting Collection, an amazing and wonderfully comprehensive shop and showroom of lights, lamps, switches, bulbs and everything associated with bringing light to the home. It’s at The Courtyard in the centre of Barnsley, and it’s impressively bling on the outside, with a large black and[Read More]

Cooking Fantastic – Everything a kitchen needs

June 9, 2017 No comments

I was driving around out of Harrogate towards Killinghall the other day and decided to take a left down a little lane that has been intriguing me. It has a sign saying “Cook Shop this way”. I drove down a little while and soon found myself in a farm yard, off which were more signs[Read More]