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Deck the halls with bells and pebble lights

December 8, 2017 | 1 Comment

My slightly battered door wreath. I might treat it to a new ribbon.

This month so far, I have been mostly buying and arranging Christmas decorations. In my spare time, when I’m not working, that is. I always start with the front door and the dining room, because they somehow look festive anyway, so it’s not too difficult to dress them up for the season.

The dining room window. I got the rustic wreath from a shop in Kendal. This is an original sash window, not double glazed. It can be chilly, but I’m especially glad at Christmas that we haven’t had it replaced yet.

As I write, it’s already December 8 and I am a little behind with the decs, truth be known, and finding it hard to get into the Christmas spirit this year. But I threw myself into it all last weekend and here are the results so far, plus my best finds.

The three-for-£10 hanging bell-shaped bells, from The Harrogate Christmas Market. The pebble lights are always there, bought years and years ago from Habitat.

Our house always looks like Blackpool illuminations anyway, whatever the time of year, so it’s not always easy to tell it’s Christmas. Nevertheless, I have invested in three more sets of fairy lights (all they had left were 100 and 50 bulb warm gold sets at my Asda. The gold is a little garish, rather than warm, so I’ll be looking out for more, but Asda lights do endure, I’ll say that).
My best Christmas find so far has been some hanging bell-shaped bell decorations, three for £10 at the recent (and amazing) Harrogate Christmas Fair. It’s become an annual extravaganza here in the town, on the lower Stray, and coach after coach came in to visit this year. I wish it remained throughout the Christmas period but it’s just with us for a few days only.

The little silver tree is £6 from Waitrose and the pottery reindeer was £4.95 at Home in Salt’s Mill.

I have also been to Home at Salts Mill in Saltaire, where I bought a pottery reindeer (I am deer obsessed) and some rather chic mottled brown candles. Photography is not allowed in Home, which is a shame because there is masses of Christmas inspiration there. The displays are beautifully put together and there are so many lovely, lovely pieces at surprisingly low prices.
I’ve been to Waitrose for some tiny silver and gold Christmas trees (£6 each). Aside from that, I’ve pulled out all my favourite old decs from the boxes they live in on top of my wardrobe. Some are a little battered (see the door wreath) but I try to give them a little makeover, where needed, each year.

Don’t laugh. I think my Christmas tree needs a bit more thought and care. It’s come in from the cold, having been outdoors all year. Will it make it to the other side, I wonder …

The Christmas tree is an experiment this year. Last year I bought two from the amazing Regal Fruiterers on King’s Road in Harrogate – a cut one and a small potted one. The potted one has been in the garden ever since it was bought, but an economy drive (ha!) means that we have brought it inside to be our main indoor tree this year.
Don’t laugh. It’s not quite as I imagined it might look, a little smaller than it looks outside, but I’ve thrown loads of fairy lights at it and am searching for some suitable baubles. I’m worried mostly that it will die while inside, or perhaps when it goes back outside again. If anyone has any tips, please let me know. Also any Christmas decoration tips and finds. I’m always on the lookout.

These brown mottled candles from Home live on the book shelves in the dining room.

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