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Destination Redbrick Mill – always a bright idea

August 10, 2017| 1 Comment

The illuminated elk head at FunctionAlley in Redbrick Mill.

When in need of design inspiration – especially of the glamorous kind – I hop in the car and head across to deepest West Yorkshire, and Redbrick Mill in Batley.
Heals is the big attraction, especially its lighting, which is innovative and fairly priced, but I pretty much love everything about Heals, and indeed everything about Redbrick Mill.

I could take home everything in Heals, very happily.

These are simply some pics of what caught my eye on a visit last week. The whole place is so gorgeous, but it’s also full of practical solutions and, as I say, prices are reasonable, especially considering the selection and the quality.
Last year, we bought a grey corner sofa from Made.com on the top floor there, and it has been amazing. A great investment.

Because we all need the drama of a chandelier in our life.

This time, we discovered the newly opened Bagnodesign bathroom showroom, but only by accident. We didn’t notice that it had its own entrance in the courtyard carpark, and instead found it by venturing inside a half opened door on the ground floor.

This is the point at which I realise I have a lighting obsession.

It’s all very swish, featuring beautifully showcased bathrooms, shower cubicles, washbasins, taps and bathroom accessories, towel rails, loos and so on. Whether you just want a new shower head, as we did (really can’t be bothered to clear out the original one) or a full bathroom, it’s well worth a look. There’s a branch in Harrogate too. I only took pics of the shower head I wanted, sadly – so one track of me.

Blinging mirrors = a must-have for Christmas.

In other Redbrick news, there’s a Filmore & Union café in there too, with a little outside area – a lovely place to settle for a rest and a healthy meal in-between shopping.
We also found a fab arty shop called FunctionAlley – I couldn’t stretch to the £1,000 illuminated elk (?) head that I really really wanted, so instead I bought a poster in the sale. OUT LAW. Love it.

Love my new poster. Not the easiest design to place in a Victorian house, but found it a home on the top landing. It cost £38 in the sale.

One thought on “Destination Redbrick Mill – always a bright idea

  1. Meike

    New bathroom… well, I have one coming up next year, at least that is the plan as a gift to myself for my 50th birthday! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to Yorkshire before that all happens.


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