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Finding karma and focus at Lush Spa

January 12, 2018

This shirodhara ritual is an Ayurvedic therapy in which liquids are poured over the forehead to calm the mind and aid clarity, thought and concentration.

When I want to chill but still concentrate – at work, in the car or working at home – I like to listen to Lush Spa music, which you can buy in CD format from Lush stores.
We are fortunate in Yorkshire to have access to an actual Lush Spa, in Leeds at the Albion Street Lush store. Treatments range from £50 for a half-hour treatment to £285 for a three-hour experience. Of the ones I have tried, my favourite is the £85 Validation Facial, which lasts £60 minutes, with additional 30 minute consultation. It’s all tailored to you and your skin, designed to indulge and rejuvenate using essential oils and rolling massage of face, neck and shoulders
All Lush Spa treatments are choreographed to music – actually, it’s music, chanting, rhythm, sounds from nature and human life – which has been especially created by musicians to work with the spa experience.
All Lush treatments begin with a consultation in the spa. I could live in the Leeds one, which is downstairs at the Albion Street store. It’s like the cottage of my dreams, farmhouse cosy with shelves filled with little coloured medicine bottles. Actually, thinking about it, perhaps the witch from Hansel and Gretel might live in a house like this …
Anyway, the treatment rooms are gorgeous too, candlelit with warmed treatment couches. Last month I tried Karma, a new choreographed massage therapy that promises to help you unlock your energy and inner peace.
Karma is the spiritual principle of cause and effect, meaning that what you do in your life influences what happens to you in the future. And what I deserved turned out to a full toning massage to make my body and mind slow down and let go so that I could return to normal daily life with focus and calm.

Not entirely sure what this is for – but you do get a choice of lovely teas at Lush Spas.

This intensive 66-minute massage requires not one but two therapists working in unison, hence the cost. It includes a hot stone stomach massage, and is choreographed to music created by musicians Simon Richmond and Sheema Mukherjee, inspired by travels through India. It takes you first to the chaos of an Indian city and then to a calmer space for deep relaxation, before emerging, renewed, into the energy of the city again.
The massaging of four hands means contact is never broken as good karma is created within the body. It culminates in a shirodhara ritual, an Ayurvedic therapy with liquids poured over the forehead to calm the mind and aid clarity, thought and concentration (warning, your hair gets wet, but there is a hairdryer and lots of lovely Lush product to use in the bathroom).
I definitely left Lush feeling energised, focused, yet calm, which was quite unusual as I usually leave treatments feeling spaced out. It’s well worth trying any Lush treatment – and don’t forget the CDs.
Karma costs £225 and is available in the Lush Spa at the Lush store in Leeds.

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