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On finding Saint Michael’s House & Home

January 25, 2018 | 1 Comment

The grey wardrobe, on the upper floor of the Saint Michael’s House & Home shop, is £200 – an absolute bargain and so solid.

Will I ever buy new furniture again? Probably not, now that I have discovered Saint Michael’s House & Home, on Ripon Road in Harrogate.
I popped in today (it’s Stephanie, by the way) on the recommendation of a lovely designer I’d just interviewed. He told me he’d bought some spoons there to take to Deal or No Deal. Long story, but yes, spoons was all it took. Off I went in search.

Saint Michael’s House & Home has a huge sign – you can’t miss it.

Saint Michael’s House & Home is a large unit visible from the all-too-busy Ripon Road – the purple and white fascia sign gives it away too. Step inside and wow – pianos, sofas, tables, three-piece suites, tables, mirrors, lamps.

Look at this marble coffee table! I think the price says £250. It’s so luxurious.

Step upstairs and double-wow, because it’s twice the size of the downstairs floor space and full of beds, wardrobes, tables, more tables, pictures, china and lots and lots of useful household items, pieces and objets.

This is new from the box – £50!!!

The staff are lovely. It’s been open since August and people drop off their donations there or they can be collected free of charge. If you buy something large and want it delivered, that’s just £15, at least in the Harrogate area.
Check out the pieces I snapped here. If you’re looking to furnish a home beautifully and cheaply, this is the place to come.

The upstairs floor – check out the four poster bed.

The money raised goes to support the work of Saint Michael’s Hospice in Harrogate, so you can experience truly worthwhile shopping in a truly wonderful cause.

One thought on “On finding Saint Michael’s House & Home

  1. Meike

    I wonder… would they have the perfect TV table for me to match my vintage 1960s coffee table…?


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