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Galvin Brothers and the best of Beverley

April 11, 2014
Galvin Brothers - shop front portrait (1500)
The Galvin Brothers  from Beverley have gathered an impressive following for their handcrafted, contemporary furniture.
The business was formed as a partnership between Matthew Galvin (designer) and Andrew Galvin (joiner) in March 2012, building on their father’s 61 years of joinery and cabinet making experience.
Galvin Brothers - products
“Our designs celebrate the uniquely wonderful properties of English oak and other solid woods, placing traditional joinery techniques at the centre of contemporary forms, creating functional objects with a twist,” says Matthew.
Committed to Yorkshire, they source everything from their wood to their fabrics within the county and everything is made by them in Beverley.
Now the brothers, who were  shortlisted for Best British Designer in the Elle Deco British Design Awards, have opened their first shop – in their home town.
Galvin Brothers - interior 2
It showcases their furniture, along with  homewares, gifts, objects and curiosities. It is at  11 Flemingate, Beverley,  HU17 0NP, www.galvinbrothers.co.uk
The shop is well worth seeing, as is beautiful Beverley. We asked the Galvin Brothers to give us their top five places to visit in the town. This is what they said:
1. The Beverley Minster
The Beverley Minister is a gem. It towers above its surrounding buildings like a superimposed backdrop in a film. A magnificent building that serves as a reminder of civic and community pride when so many buildings nowadays are knocked up without any care. www.beverleyminster.org.uk
2. Beverley Races
The Beverley Races are a great day out, with afternoon and evening meetings. The views across towards the North East are lovely from up there so on a summer’s evening it is a lovely boozy place to be. The first meeting of the season at Beverley is Wednesday 16th April 2014. www.beverley-racecourse.co.uk
3. Beverley Westwood
The Beverley Westwood pasture land is a place that we Beverlonians can easily take for granted. It’s a great place to walk the dog or play golf or fly a kite.37 Westwood Road.
4. The Westwood Restaurant
The Westwood Restaurant is a great place to eat. Run by our friends, Michele and Matthew, there is always a warm welcome. The family favourite is their duck salad that is a must. www.thewestwood.co.uk
5. The Woolpack Inn
After a walk on the Westwood or shopping in town the centre, the Woolpack Inn is a stones throw away set in amongst the terraces and town houses on a beautiful side street. It is a tiny little pub with proper food and a brilliant selection of bitters. With over 40 pubs in Beverley there’s ample for a pub crawl. The Woolpack is on 37 Westwood Road.

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