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Getting the best out of Robin Hood’s Bay

April 13, 2018

All is calm in the early morning.

Work took me to beautiful Robin Hood’s Bay and knowing how busy this former fishing village gets, I set off before the crack of dawn.There’s an awful lot to be said for being an early bird. I’m not keen on crowds and I have a fear of not being able to park so getting there before almost everyone else paid off. It was a two-and-a-half hour journey from the other side of Yorkshire to the coast but there was little traffic on the roads and I had my choice of parking spaces.

There are two car parks in Robin Hood’s Bay, a small one by the roundabout at the top of the  steep hill lined with cottages and Station Road, which is further up. I prefer Station Road. It’s bigger and there are loos and when I got there at just after 8am it was very quiet, as was the village.

Gazing at that amazing view over the bay in the peace and quiet was joyful and uplifting.

Wandering down through the oldest part of the village to the harbour was also more enjoyable without having to jostle for position.

One of the quaint cottage doors.

Another great benefit was that taking pictures was a breeze. By 10am the village was swarming with holidaymakers and day trippers and getting a clean shot with few people in it would’ve been impossible.

By that time I was in a wonderfully quirky cottage, which is set to feature in The Yorkshire Post magazine, as a “Real Home”. Tucked away in a quiet backwater, it has the most amazing view of the bay from one of the bedroom windows and the interiors are right up my street.

One of the bedrooms at Greenfield Cottage.

Renovated by an artist who loves collecting everything from fossils to vintage curios, it’s a second home/holiday let. It’s a world away from the practical, wipe-cleanable, “beige” rentals that seem to be the norm. Take a look here and you’ll see what I mean. https://www.greenfieldcottage.co.uk/staying-at-greenfield-cottage/about-greenfield-cottage.html

I had to dash off on another job that day but if I had stayed I would’ve popped into The Dolphin pub – a down-to-earth proper pub with  – and tried the cafe offering gluten-free meals (my daughter has just been diagnosed as gluten intolerant – so am noticing these things).

Great idea to have gluten free options.

Then, after a bit of fossiling on the beach – it is rich in fossils -I would’ve taken myself off for more peace and quiet on the Cleveland Way.  The walk from Robin Hood’s Bay to Whitby, which is mostly by the cliffs and fields overlooking the sea, is one of my all-time favourites. (I’ve written about it here http://www.gorgeousyorkshire.co.uk/a-favourite-walk-from-whitby-oh-such-a-perfect-day/ It’s seven miles and rather than walk back I catch a bus. You could call it lazy but after coffee and cake it’s the best option and I love a bus ride.

Down by the harbour early one morning.


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