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Gluten free restaurant in Leeds

August 9, 2018 | 1 Comment

Finding that you are gluten intolerant comes as a big shock as suddenly much of the food that you usually eat is off limits and eating out is difficult, even when there are a couple of gluten-free choices on the menu.

After suffering IBS, which was compounded by a debiltating bout of Bali belly, my daughter gave up gluten. It has helped alleviate her symptoms but eating out continues to be tricky. f you’re self-conscious then you worry that friends, family and restaurant staff will see you as a fussy eater and there’s always temptation to eat what you fancy only to suffer the consequences. So I am thrilled to say that we’ve found a restaurant that is devoted to gluten-free food. It’s called The Oxford Place and it’s tucked away in central Leeds close to the town hall.

Love this wallpaper and the rest of the decor.

It’s independent, family-owned, friendly and fabulous. It is open Wednesday to Saturday from 12noon to 9.30pm and on Sunday from noon to 8pm. We happened on it one Friday evening and found everything perfect from the service to the qualty of the food…and the gin.  The prices are reasonable – from £12.95 for a main course – and the decor scored 10/10. The only problem was choosing what to eat because choice is something gluten-free eaters are not used to.

My gnocchi was delicious

If you know someone following this kind of diet then tell them about The Oxford Place. I think they will love it.

Grace enjoyed her meal too.

Those who can eat what they like will love it too and they might just realise that GF is a good idea. That bloated feeling after eating bread,  pasta, cake etc. is non-existent when gluten is taken out.

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  1. mekslibrarian

    Those gnocchi do look good, although I must say I prefer them in sage butter instead of tomato sauce 🙂


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