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Gorgeous Yorkshire Giveaway: a Herdy Hamper

March 28, 2014 | 6 Comments

Herdy in Hawes shop interior

It’s springtime with daffodils swaying in the breeze and lambs being born, so what better way to celebrate than a fabulous sheep-inspired Gorgeous Yorkshire Giveaway? (closing date April 4)

The lovely people at Herdy have put together a Herdy hamper for us. It contains two Classic mugs, two coasters, a Peep apron, a Classic tea towel and, our personal favourite, a La’al herdy…a crocheted soft toy sheep – soooo cute! (La’al is Cumbrian dialect for little)


Herdy has a shop in Hawes and is a great British company. It was founded in the Lake District in 2007 and its contemporary, design-led products were inspired by the area’s Herdwick sheep.

herdy-classic mug-group1

It started with the Herdy mug but its range has expanded to include giftware, home, kitchen and craft products and accessories.

Everything is designed by an in-house team and, although it supplies many retailers, it only has two dedicated shops, one in Grasmere, and one in Hawes.

herdy - Woman Girl and Boy Apron

Sound ethics are at its heart and its founders decided from day one that they would always “give a little back” so they create the “Herdy Fund” to support community projects both here and overseas. Examples of donations include cash to buy hurdles for Buttermere Shepherds Meet and funding the training of two dry stone wallers.

**To win a Herdy Hamper, simply email us at Gorgeous Yorkshire gorgeousyorkshire@gmail.com and quote “Herdy hamper giveaway”. We will draw the winning entry next Friday, April 4. Note: Our Herdy hamper winner was Vicky Blackburn of Doncaster. Thanks to all those who took the time to enter and congratulations to Vicky.**

Check out more Herdy goodies here www.herdy.co.uk and visit the shop in Hawes at Dryden House, Market Place. A perfect excuse for a day out in Wensleydale.


6 thoughts on “Gorgeous Yorkshire Giveaway: a Herdy Hamper

  1. Cheryl Dollar

    What a great website, this will help us plan our trip to your area of the world next year.


  2. Lindsey Whaley

    Herdy is fab! Love the products! X


  3. tracey

    Wow! I love the Herdy range. Absolutely delightful.


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