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Happy birthday Emily Bronte

July 26, 2018

This year marks the 200th anniversary of Emily Brontë’s birth, which means that many of her fans are making the pilgrimage to the parsonage in Haworth, where she spent most of her life. There are Emily200 events throughout the year but this weekend, July 28 and 29, there’s a bumper crop. Her birthday was Monday, July 30, so there is cause for celebration and also for reflection on the remarkable literary legacy that she left us.

Her novel, Wuthering Heights, is a classic and and she was a gifted poet.

Kitty Wright, Brontë Society Executive Director says: “It’s impossible to say exactly what it is about Emily Brontë that captures the imagination and heart of so many people so long after she lived and died. Emily is perhaps the Brontë sibling most associated with the dramatic, bleak and beautiful moorland surrounding their home, and as such her birthday will be marked by guided walks and outdoor sketching workshops as well as poetry performances, literary discussions and free activities for all the family. We look forward to sharing Emily’s legacy with international audiences old and new.”

Some well-known names in literature and contemporary culture will be taking part in the events (some sold out and some not), including poet Patience Agbabi, activist and actor Lily Cole, bestselling author Kate Mosse, and folk musicians The Unthanks. For details visit https://www.bronte.org.uk/whats-on.

The Pillar portrait of Charlotte, Emily and Anne by Branwell is back where it belongs and on display at the parsonage in Haworth, courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery

I’ll be making the journey up to Haworth this weekend and I’ll be visiting the parsonage but what I’m most looking forward to is a walk on the moors that Emily loved so much.  It’s where her stone (see details of the Bronte Stones project here https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/lifestyle/books/blazing-a-trail-in-bradford-with-the-brontes-1-9237486 ) engraved with words by another one of her fans and my musical heroine, Kate Bush, lies and my mission is to find it. Apparently it’s not easy to locate, which I think is fitting and just how Emily would have wanted it.




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