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Happy Valentine’s Day – Yorkshire style

February 5, 2015
Letters and heart lights from Susan Gaunt

Letters and heart lights from Susan Gaunt

The most romantic day of the year is almost upon us, when our thoughts turn to love, the lack of it, the wanting more of it etc. If you have a significant other then you may be wondering what to buy them. There’s no shortage of stuff in high street stores and supermarkets but I think we can do better than that.

I’ve picked out some of my favourite love tokens from Yorkshire’s designer makers and its independent shops (hint, hint!).  Pictured above are 13 ins tall, illuminated rust-coloured letters and a heart-shaped light from the fab Susan Gaunt boutique on Montpelier Mews in Harrogate. The lights can be run off AA batteries or a transformer and each letter costs £60. Smaller, 9ins stainless steel versions are £30 each, www.susangauntboutique.com

Chocolate card from Betty's

Chocolate card from Betty’s

Who doesn’t love Betty’s? Yorkshire’s most iconic tearoom/bakery has lots of lovely edible Valentine gifts, including chocolates and champagne, heart-shaped biscuits and this beautiful “With Love” card, £10.95. The image is a watercolour from the Betty’s archive and inside the card are two bars of the finest Swiss Grand Cru milk chocolate. www.bettys.co.uk

Card by Vinegar and Brown Paper

Card by Vinegar and Brown Paper

Etched glass designer Andy Poplar, aka Vinegar and Brown Paper, has turned his vintage milk bottle, £19.95,  into a card, £2.70. Both bottle and card are available from www.vinegarandbrownpaper.co.uk and from the Heart Gallery on Market Street, Hebden Bridge, www.heartgallery.co.uk.  Andy also does one-off pieces like this motorbike mirror, plus vintage Kilner jars etched with the date you met your partner.

etched mirror by Vinegar and Brown Paper

Also in the Heart Gallery is this card, £4, which you could frame. The print is by Yorkshire artist Julia Ogden.

moon card

Over at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park shop, which always has interesting gifts, is this “Truth about Love” book, £7.99,  with words by Philip Ardagh and illustrations by paper cut artist Rob Ryan.  These Two of Us mugs, £15.95, by Paul Thurlby are also from the YSP www.ysp.co.uk/shop

valentinebok thurlby


Finally, here’s a present that should last several lifetimes. It’s a small, inscribed marble bowl filled with chocolates. It costs £22 from North Yorkshire-based Marbletree, www.marbletree.co.uk Classy, practical and delicious.

I love you bowl

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