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My home and I deserve an autumn gift (or two)

October 2, 2014
Bird hanging tealight cost £10.99 at the Little Light Company at Crimple Hall.

Bird hanging tealight costs £10.99 at the Little Light Company at Crimple Hall.

I have been trying to avoid swearwords, excitement and general hysteria, but the plain fact is that Christmas is less than three months away – and in my house, that means the decorations go up in two months (maybe less). It’s high time to start thinking about new autumn/winter looks, while keeping half an eye open for interesting new winter gifts, baubles and bits.

With this in mind, I paid a visit to Crimple Hall at Pannal, near Harrogate, today. It’s on the main Leeds-Harrogate road and is a fairly recent addition to the homes and gardens scene in Yorkshire, taking over a large site that used to have two garden centres. The right-hand garden centre is still there, called Crimple Hall Garden Centre, while the left side has been taken over by a large antiques centre, and Harrogate Interiors which is a contemporary store, great for furniture and lighting, and also a lovely cafe/restaurant called Christian’s. I’m going to post more about the centre soon, because it deserves much more space and time than I have right now, so I’ll just stick to autumn/winter updates today, but you can find out more now on http://www.crimplehall.co.uk/

I bought the tres Scandi-chic bird hanging tealight (above) at the Little Light Company, which takes space in a gifty section in Crimple Hall (there’s also an art gallery – as I said, there is just loads and loads there, all grown up fairly recently). I’ve had it hanging in my garden so it’s got a tiny bit rusty, which I like. Anyway, you can buy them pristine from The Little Light Co at £10.99. Check out http://www.thelittlelightcompany.co.uk/

Pig cushion, £12,  from Next

Pig cushion, £12, from Next.

Earlier this year I went to the Next autumn/winter fair in London and was impressed with the interiors offering, and especially the cushions (I am a cushion queen). In the right place, this pig cushion would look just divine (am thinking my husband’s computer chair). Next has got lots of festive and winter cushions coming in store – real bargains too. If the link works, the pig cushion is here: http://www.next.co.uk/x541116s1

Cosy brushed cotton PJs from Yorkshire based The Pyjama House

Cosy brushed cotton PJs from Yorkshire based The Pyjama House.

As the nights draw in and get colder, cosy brushed cotton PJs are a must for the whole family and The Pyjama House, based in North Yorkshire, has absolutely gorgeous ones. Not sure if the prices are still correct here as this picture was taken at the Great Yorkshire Show earlier this year, but they sure would make the perfect winter gift to oneself. Kit yourself out first, then dress the others, that’s what I say (like air masks on a plane). Check out www.thepyjamahouse.co.uk

Reindeers cost £20 each at Harrogate Interiors,

Reindeer cost £20 each at Harrogate Interiors.

Now I know we’re getting really quite scarily festive with these reindeer – it is reindeer, isn’t it – not reindeers? – but I’m worried they might be snapped up by Christmas. I found them back at Crimple Hall, outside Harrogate Interiors and its fab selection of light-up furniture (now, if anyone wants to get me a big winter gift …). And finally, some more lighting ideas from The Little Light Company.

More from the Little Light Company

More all year – and winter – gift ideas from the Little Light Company at Crimple Hall, near Harrogate.

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