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In which we open an Etsy vintage shop

January 17, 2021 | 1 Comment

Our lovely Bo Grove shop is closed for now so we have decided to open an Etsy shop.

We are now open as a Gorgeous Yorkshire vintage shop on Etsy where we are beginning to showcase and sell many of our vintage treasures. It’s a decision we have taken, of course, because of Lockdown 3.0 which means that our lovely shop-within-a-shop at 53 Bo Grove in Harrogate is closed again for now.

See anything you like? Email us at gorgeousyorkshire@gmail.com

There is nothing like having a physical shop and we absolutely love being at Bo Grove, which is opposite Grove Road School, near the fire station on Skipton Road in Harrogate. You can still visit 53 Bo Grove as it has a cafe selling hot drinks, cakes and delicious food which can be ordered and picked up from a counter, all very socially distanced, and while there you can look at the garden plants, salvage, Soft Pots and buy fresh produce and lots of lovely stuff to make meals with in the Farm Shop.

This ceramic wall plate hanging of a cafe scene at night is beautifully vibrant.

But the vintage emporium is of course closed for now, so we have had to think of new ways of showcasing our treasures. It is early days and we are still finding our feet but it’s looking quite promising already – and we only launched it a few days ago.

When they’re gone, they’re gone – these fabulous Lurpak egg cups, butter dish and toast rack are perfect for both modern and retro kitchens.

So we will be selling a variety of our favourite vintage pieces, including vintage glasses, retro cookware, china, pottery and kitchenalia, vintage toys and games, vintage prints and original paintings, vintage postcards, vintage clothing and handbags, vintage denim, faux fur coats, objets and more. We probably will not be selling on Etsy our retro and upcycled furniture, steamer trunks, storage chests and so on, because shipping seems too problematic (if someone has come up with a reasonably priced solution, please let us know).

These tiny ship-in-a-bottles are unusual and lovely (not sure we like the red ribbons but feel we have to keep for now).

You will find, if you go online and take a look, that some of our items cost more on the Etsy site than they might do if you bought them at 53 Bo Grove. This is because we add on a sum for postage and packing. So, if you see something you like on our Etsy shop and are able to collect it from Bo Grove, message us or email gorgeousyorkshire@gmail.com and we can agree a price, a method of payment and a time when it can be collected in a socially distanced way from the shop.

We enjoy collecting and selling vintage prints and originals and always have something a bit different in stock.

Anyway, we wish you a very happy New Year and we hope you take a look at and like our new Gorgeous Yorkshire Etsy shop. The link is here – Gorgeous Yorkshire Etsy shop – and we look forward to seeing you when the lockdown ends and hopefully life improves for us all.

We also love vintage glassware from dimple beer mugs to Champagne glasses and German green stem wine glasses.

One thought on “In which we open an Etsy vintage shop

  1. Sheena Hastings

    Hi Sharon and Steph. Congrats on now being Etsy-Betsies. I love the look of all of your stuff, and am sure business will boom. Love, Sheena xxx


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