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Lily’s Lighting Collection – such a bright idea

June 16, 2017

I don’t know what this style of light is called, but I keep seeing it in homes in Harrogate. Check out Lily’s Lighting Collection in Barnsley – there are loads there.

On a recent trip to Barnsley, I came across Lily’s Lighting Collection, an amazing and wonderfully comprehensive shop and showroom of lights, lamps, switches, bulbs and everything associated with bringing light to the home.
It’s at The Courtyard in the centre of Barnsley, and it’s impressively bling on the outside, with a large black and white shopfront decorated with LILY’S signs made up of lightbulbs, like a West End theatre.

The range of light switches is fabulous.

Step inside, and I have never seen so many beautiful lights, lamps and chandeliers gathered together in one place.
There are state-of-the-art contemporary modern ones, Art Deco styles, lights for kitchens and bathrooms and every room in the home, and outside the home too, for front doors and porches and garages and of course gardens. The range is so impressive – and the prices are more than reasonable. Lily’s Lighting Collection stocks  Saxby & Endon Lighting, a brand I will clearly have to take a closer look at.

Love this style – it would look wonderful in my hallway.

If you’re looking for a statement light for a landing, hallway or dining area, this is the place to start looking. In Harrogate, as I look through house windows (I’m really nosy), I keep seeing a style of light that involves a shape made of a steel-like frame which is completely illuminated with a trim of lights (I’m not explaining this very well). They come both as table lamps, standard lamps and chandeliers. Lily’s Lighting Collection has them in abundance, at great prices.
There are also light bulbs of all styles, and a fabulous range of light switches in dozens of different finishes, including grained wood and ones in pink, green, brass, even white.

My bedroom light has been upcycled with feature bulbs. They are very bright!

I was madly inspired and keep wandering about and imagining where a new light would look perfect in my house. I bought four feature light bulbs to go in my bedroom light fitting but I reckon I should have bought a whole new piece to go there.
Anyway, if you’re looking for new lighting, head for Lily’s Lighting Collection in Barnsley. There’s a website too – http://www.lilyslighting.co.uk/

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