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Neom Organics opens in Victoria Gate

October 13, 2016

One of the loveliest companies I have ever written a feature about is Neom Organics, so I am really REALLY pleased that it is opening its very own store in the new Victoria Gate shopping centre in Leeds next Thursday (October 20).

For the perfect nights sleep we recommend our 3 Step Sleep Programme. This collection contains a bath foam, pillow mist and candle in our award winning Tranquillity blend, with 91% of people reporting a better night's sleep after using. 1 x Tranquillity™ 1 Wick Candle 1 x Tranquillity™ Bath Foam (200ml) 1 x Tranquillity™ Pillow Mist (30ml)

The Neom 3 Step Sleep Programme: bath foam, pillow mist and candle in Tranquillity blend, now £52 (was £72).

It is possible that I might be slightly biased because Neom’s home is also my home town of Harrogate, although I’m certainly not alone in my adoration of its heavenly scented candles and diffusers, its pillow mists and – my new favourite – the highly therapeutic scented Nourish, Breathe and Calm Hand Balm (£15) part of the Neom Scent To De-Stress range featuring a blend of the pure essential oils including lavender, jasmine & Brazilian rosewood.

The heavenly Scent to De-stress hand balm, £22.

The heavenly Scent to De-stress hand balm, £22.

Here’s how I use it: When feeling under siege, apply to your hands like you would any hand cream and then put your hands to cup over your nose and mouth and inhale deeply. It helps if you close your eyes and try to ignore all the mayhem around and about. Breathe in for seven counts and out for 11. It can be quite hard at first but you do become used to the length of breath. Anyway, I digress.

Neom was founded in 2005 by former magazine editor Nicola Elliott, who is originally from Leeds but lived in London for 12 years before moving back to Yorkshire with her husband and young family.

Neom founder, former magazine editor Nicola Elliott.

Neom founder, former magazine editor Nicola Elliott.

She trained as an aromatherapist and nutritionist after work, and began creating essential oil blends and tinctures for stressed-out family and friends, as well as herself, using only 100% natural and, where possible, organic essential oils.

Neom was started with just five candles, the on the market to be made only with 100% natural wax and pure essential oils. Nicola’s first scent was the signature Tranquillity blend, and says Neom is about helping people manage their wellbeing, from poor sleep to stress, tiredness and feeling low.

Now Neom makes candles, diffusers, mists, bath and body products and more. It has five key blends of scent, depending on your needs and mood – Scent to Sleep; Scent to Instantly Destress; Scent to Boost Your Energy; Scent to Make You Happy; and Scent to Calm and Relax.

Reed diffuser, £38.

Reed diffuser, £38.

To find the ideal blend for each person in need, Neom has developed the ‘Science of Scent Therapy’ test. The 10 second test allows you to inhale the power of the five key blends. The idea is that your body knows best what your mind needs most, therefore the Neom fragrance you are most drawn to is the very same one you need most at that time.

There will be a Scent Bar in the new Neom shop in Leeds to try out the theory and that is exactly where I will be heading as soon as Victoria Gate opens on Thursday. Until then … breathe.

Find out more on http://www.neomorganics.com/

The treatment candle is a real treat. Burn to melt and then apply to body. It's £36.

The treatment candle is a real treat. Burn to melt and then apply to body. It’s £36.

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