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Cosy Yorkshire kitchens with Agas …we want one!

February 27, 2014

I dream of having a country kitchen with a big old Aga (cream). It would have a whistling kettle on top and a couple of Border terriers at the bottom.

However, thanks  to my day job in property, I’ve visited enough homes with Agas to know that they should come with a warning:  Beware, these ovens are seriously addictive!

Once you’ve had an Aga and spent ages learning how to cook on it, it seems that a conventional oven comes a very poor second. Food cooked in their cast iron inners tastes better and nothing beats the cosy effect they create.

Here are some Yorkshire kitchens with Agas (all the homes are for sale).  I’ve also had a chat with the lovely people at Malton-based specialist Country Warmth to find anwers to Aga questions.


This country cosy kitchen is the heart of a stunning, four bedroom house in Burton Leonard, near Harrogate, £885,000, http://search.struttandparker.com/residential/burton-leonard-harrogate-north-yorkshire-hg3/17306


Cool blue: this four bedroom property is on Middleham Road, Leyburn, £550,000 http://search.struttandparker.com/residential/middleham-road-leyburn-north-yorkshire-dl8/16354


Wow! We love this one. It’s in The Barn, Grimston Grange, Gilling East, £1.5m. The rest of the house is just as impressive http://www.blenkinandco.com/properties?DefaultPage=3&dep=1&radius=5&minbeds=1&minprice=&maxprice=&placename=gilling%20east


A deluxe model and it’s got the perfect kettle! It’s in Stables Cottage, Pickhill, near Thirsk, £895,000. http://www.blenkinandco.com/properties?DefaultPage=3&dep=1&radius=5&minbeds=1&minprice=&maxprice=&placename=Pickhill,%20North%20Yorkshire,%20England


Cute with a kettle! This is Brooklyn Cottage, Hunton, near Catterick. It costs £220,000 http://www.robinjessop.co.uk/property/brooklyn-cottage/


And finally, a striking black Aga in the kitchen of 18 Watermill Lane, North Stainley, near Ripon, £425,000 http://www.dacres.co.uk/index.php?_action=moduleprocess&_module=Reapit\ReapitWeb\MVC\Modules\Property\Pdf\Link&property=dacrps-RIP120078

 Aga questions from Gorgeous Yorkshire. Answers from Country Warmth, Malton, www.countrywarmth.co.uk

Q: How much do Agas start from and what do you get for your money?
A: You can get the basic two oven Aga, oil fired, for £4,995 including VAT and fitting on a prepared site.

Q:What is the most deluxe Aga money can buy and how much is it?
A: Probably a four oven model, fuelled either by gas or electric ,with an integrated module attached to, along with Aga’s intelligent management system. This would retail at £13,490.

Q: Are Agas becoming more popular and, if so, why?
A: Yes, for sure, mainly due to the fact that there is now an Aga to suit every household’s requirements in terms of differing fuels, sizes and heat outputs.

Q: What’s the main appeal of the Aga?
A: The fact that food cooked in cast iron ovens tastes better is the main appeal. Also, for some of the more traditional models, the gentle warmth into the room gives the home a heart.

Q: They come in a variety of colours, which is  the best-seller?
A: It’s a draw between cream and black.



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