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Swish at Swinton Park hotel and spa

April 18, 2019 | 1 Comment

The spa building

I’ve raved about the spa at Swinton Park Hotel, near Masham, ever since I visited it last year. It’s the best I’ve ever been to and, as a keen swimmer, I was thrilled with the roomy 18 metre pool and the fresh water outdoor pool. All that gushing led to the best present ever. My twin daughters bought my partner and I a wildly extravagant gift last Christmas – a voucher for dinner, bed and breakfast at the hotel – which included use of the spa. I have no idea how much it cost but they said it was a “special offer”. It was certainly special.

The present could be payback for the three years of penury we suffered while they were at university and I am hugely grateful because I’ve just come back from my stay at Swinton Park and I loved every single minute.

The outdoor pool

It’s a top hotel with a reputation for being uber-posh and it is but in a subtle way, the best way. The staff are not snooty at all. They are lovely and friendly. The decor is country house, which is what Swinton was built as. Constructed in 1695 and added to, it has a grand, castellated exterior and fabulous period features. The rooms are beautiful, comfortable and warm with fabulous views over the estate.

The spa was amazing. The contemporary building that houses is it has great architecture – it’s made of wood with large expanses of glass and no expense has been spared on the fit-out. Alomg with the pools, there are plenty of beds to relax on and a number of sauna and steam areas plus a hydrotherapy pool. THere’s aso a treatment suite upstairs and three relaxation rooms.

The Terrace restaurant

All that swimming left me with a great appetite and the Terrace restaurant and bar didn’t disappoint. The food was first class and, although it was all part of our package, I had a peep at the prices and they were very reasonable for such great quality food. Mains start at £10 and starters at £7.

There was room for pudding

Although we were only there from 3pm on Tuesday to 11am the next day, it felt longer (you can fit two spa visits into this time!). Part of me wishes that money was no object and I could visit more but then it wouldn’t feel so special if I did so I am counting my blessings.



One thought on “Swish at Swinton Park hotel and spa

  1. Meike

    Swinton is definitely worth a visit, no matter whether it is for the spa, the hotel or one of the restaurants!
    Last month, I’ve been there for my birthday. We had a wonderful Champagne Afternoon Tea, and as you say, the staff was lovely, the food excellent and the whole experience just really very special.
    We also had a look round at the spa, and since it was my sister-in-law’s birthday two weeks later, we gifted her with a spa visit.
    If you are interested in pictures of our Champagne Afternoon Tea, click here for my post 🙂


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