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The Plant Point

June 28, 2019

I’ll admit I’m following fashion by filling my home with houseplants but they are a good investment given the numerous health benefits, most notably cleaner air. The only problem is where to buy them from. I picked up a couple at a local summer fair but was seriously struggling to find anything that really excited me until I happened upon The Plant Point on Leeds Road, Ilkley. (there’s another branch in the Corn Exchange, Leeds)

The prices aren’t the lowest but the choice is amazing, the service brilliant and they also sell a great selection of plant pots and containers. Then there’s the inspiration ton how to display them.


My curly plant

I was rushing, as usual, so grabbed a gorgeous succulent – I can’t tell you its name but I love it and at £18 it cost me more than I ever thought I’d spend on a houseplant. Was it worth it? Yes! It makes me smile and I think it looks a bit like me – with mad, uncontrollable “hair”.



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