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Toile du jouy is Emily’s homage to Harrogate

March 22, 2014

Harrogate Toile cushions

Print designer  Emily Humphrey has created a Harrogate toile du jouy in homage to the town she calls home.

The fabric features well-loved local landmarks like the Turkish baths, Betty’s and the Majestic Hotel.

Emily, who worked for Paul Smith and Ted Baker before going freelance, got the idea while out running.

“I go out running every morning and the idea came to me when I was out there on a lovely sunny day. I went home, grabbed my camera and started talking pictures that inspired the sketches,” she says.

“I also added magpies and rabbits, fat rascals and Victorian characters so that every time you look at the fabric you’ll see something different.”

Harrogate Toile cushion red

Her Harrogate toile cushions, all made in England, start at £70 each and are now available from James Brindley., www.jamesbrindley.com

She has also had a number of vintage Parker Knoll chairs upholstered in her fabrics and is hoping to create  a Harrogate toile wallpaper.

*Emily Humphrey, www.emilyhumphrey.co.uk

Harrogate Toile chair

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