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We love The Yorkshire Candle Company

May 13, 2020

We are doing our best to support Yorkshire businesses, designers and makers and it’s paid off. Not only do we have the satisfaction of helping our local economy, the items we have bought are just wonderful. My (it’s Sharon here) latest buys have been candles from The Yorkshire Candle Company, which is based in Sheffield. Their candles are made from soy wax with cotton wicks and they are all handcrafted in the workshop.




Founder James McKennan says: “We use 100% natural soy wax ,which burns far clearer than many candles made with alternative waxes. As soy burns at a cool temperature our candles burn for longer than you’d expect, our small tins burn for approximately 20 hours. We use a cotton wick which promotes an even burn using all of the wax available and minimising sooting. Each candle is slowly hand poured to reduce air in the wax, again giving an even burn and overall a far superior candle.”


I love that, along with gorgeous-sounding scents, such as mimosa and orange (my favourite), plum and rhubarb and black cherry, there are also Yorkshire-inspired fragrances, including North Yorkshire Moors, Roundhay Park, Whitby Bay and The Yorkshire Dales.

I ordered the small candles in tins for friends’ birthdays and the great benefit is that you can add a small message in the parcel, such as “Happy birthday , love from …etc.”, and The Yorkshire Candle Company will post the parcel and its delivered for you.

Prices are very reasonable and range from £5.95 each to £12 each for candles. Plus, there is free UK delivery on all orders over £10. https://theyorkshirecandleco.co.uk/candles/

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