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Your daily walk photos of Yorkshire in lockdown

May 1, 2020

Nidd Gorge, photographed by Louise Ball on her morning walk, April 2020

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent in photographs of your favourite Yorkshire places taken on your socially distance lockdown walks. You are without doubt a talented bunch (we always knew it). These pictures capture the strangeness and yet the familiarity of these times and moments. There’s not a soul in sight, in many cases. Then there are those who photograph the peope (human or otherwise!) and animals you have spotted on your daily rambles. It’s easier to show the landscape ones first in a blog format like this but keep scrolling down to see some absolute portrait shape beauties at the bottom.
Keep them coming in. We are really enjoying them. Thank you this week to Helen Nash, Rachel Cheshire, Amanda Holmes, Annie Stirk and Louise Ball.

Model Annie Stirk, who lives near York, says: “Modelling on hold for now but what do you think about my casting for a commercial shoot as a Scarecrow “- Insta timeofyourlife.today @Annie_YOYL

Helen Nash of Harrogate took this picture of the Crimple Viaduct.

Amanda Holmes spotted this scarecrow on her morning walk in Stannington, Sheffield.

Rachel Cheshire says: “My daughter Violet is enjoying meeting the horses down the lane and giving them treats at Monk Fryston.”

Love this photograph again from Louise Ball in the Nidd Gorge.

A beautiful shot from Helen Nash again here in Crimple Valley.





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