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You’ve got mail! The organic food box delivers

August 17, 2018 | 1 Comment

The Riverford box has arrived!

Last week, the Harrogate branch of GY had a lovely food delivery, in the form of a large box of goodness, courtesy of Riverside Organic Farmers.
These award-winning food boxes contain all you need to make brilliant organic meals, in this case Smoky Mushroom Tacos & Avocado and Courgette & Chickpea Coconut Curry, which cost £12.45 each. Each was allegedly created to serve two, but there was enough easily for three or four.
It was joy opening the box, delivered early by a friendly Riverford driver, and then discovering the luscious contents. Everything is measured out and ready to use, from little tubs of tomato puree to tahini. The veg is loose in the cardboard box, and looks wonderful. And the boxes come with step-by-step recipe cards.

The veg is loose in the box and the other ingredients come ready measured.

I started with the curry, which was easy and very satisfying to make, looked incredible and tasted wonderful, with a freshness that’s not readily found.
Riverford is based in Devon and began in 1987 when Guy Watson started delivering organic vegetables locally to friends in Devon. The scheme now delivers around 47,000 boxes a week around the UK, helped by its four Riverford sister farms, including Home Farm, near Northallerton, North Yorkshire.

These are the ingredients for the Courgette & Chickpea Curry.

Home Farm is run by Peter Richardson and his wife Jo-ann. Peter was named Green Farmer of the Year at the Northern Farmer Awards in 2014, with judges especially commending his use of renewable energy, including installing a solar panel system and an anaerobic digester which creates clean power by taking existing farm waste – including pig waste – and generating gas to produce heat and electricity.

Starting the curry. There is also brown rice provided.

Riverford has won loads of awards, actually: Best Indie Retailer in the Food Magazine awards 2018; Best Organic Farmer 2017 at the Soil Association BOOM awards and Best Organic Market Innovator 2017; Best Recipe Box Delivery Company in the Veggie Awards for its Vegetarian recipe box.

The finished curry. The coriander garnish is also provided.

It’s not all about the vegetables and there is organic meat, too. The small everyday meat box costs £18.45 and includes ethically produced organic meats in easy-cooking cuts, such as mince, diced meat, prime steaks and chicken breasts, all grass fed and sourced from a small group of West Country farmers.

The ingredients are measured out for you!

The proof of the pudding is of course in the eating, and both meals were amazing (I’m not a vegetarian, by the way). Plus great value, considering the quality, the time-saving, the convenience and the delivery. It’s worth going on to the website and seeing what Riverford offers, as there is quite a bit. You can, of course, put together your own boxes for your own recipes, but I do recommend trying one of these veggie ones.

For more information please go to www.riverford.co.uk

One thought on “You’ve got mail! The organic food box delivers

  1. Meike

    This looks fabulous! I’d LOVE to cook along with the recipe cards – I do like to try my own ideas, but every now and then following clear instructions is fun.


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